The Ones Who inspire us

nelson manela - rising every time we fall


Hello, everyone, the main thing about the ones who came before us is that when push comes to shove, they never surrendered to anything in life. And that fortitude portrayed throughout their days drives us to learn unbelievable stories of hope and achievements through aspiration. Most of the topics we grow personal interest in are about life that, and all of the many things in common with our hero more over people we’ve built a belief around.
Causing us to be inspired and become then what we thought possible heroes in their names. The reason for our wonderment of other people’s success has to do with their stories, for it’s our failures that allow us to appreciate improbable victories. Many people know the stories of (world leaders, visionaries, philosophers, athletes, and poets,) making them the heroes of old the stood on the outskirts of society challenging the ideas of those who went before them.

Socrates once wrote that All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine. This quote in bodies the idea that we always have a choice in and there are no moments to waste wondering what the best course for others is Take what’s yours give nothing back.

I’ am a person who thought my life has enjoyed tales in all shapes and forms, displaying a measure of strength, feats of fortitude, uses of cunning, and power of will. One such person for me would be Nelson Mandella, who after years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance became the first African leader of his country in a time when such things were believed to be impossible. This story moves me since not only did he rise to power for the sake of it and he chose to use it and change many injustices certain people deemed as necessary evils. More well known is the fact Nelson Mandella had a dream of freedom for the citizens living in South Africa. Promising a day when no one’s right to exist as a human being free of oppression, nefarious acts, and hate filled agendas that crush your dreams, devour your hopes and kills your family with no chance of peace.

He chose a better way to realize the dream that had been almost snatched away by grubby scaled hands. By lifting himself above all the naysayers, hateful, and negative people, positive and more productive systems of government, was established. Now the people are better off for it.