One of the most inspiring people I can think of is Spartacus in the last 2000 years his teachings of respect, compassion, and understanding helped many including myself try to be a better person. Some have called him an apostate and blasphemer but none could this wad him from a belief the world could be a better place. His history and the story told in the first person accounts of people who passed he name down in stories, these Acts of the freedom soldier later became a testament to a will so bright it shined through time.  Spartacus’ secondary battle in the arena is by Crixus’ side, as both struggle as one upon the mythical giant, Theokoles. Notwithstanding their initial hesitance and reluctance, they see a shared goal in combining to fight for their women. The start of the contest is in their favor until Theokoles – after pretending loss – gets up again. Spartacus and Crixus rouse to fight at cross-purposes and in acting so, Theokoles severely injures Crixus. Spartacus, taking advantage of Crixus’ shield to launch himself into the air, gives a fierce blow. Not falling up yet, Crixus clutches a helmet resting nearby and reflects the light into Theokoles’ face, blinding him momentarily. Spartacus uses the time, circles Theokoles and hinders him with a gash to his knees before beheading him. With this victory, Spartacus arises abruptly in fame. Rain comes to the drought-ridden Capua, and the people believe it a sign that Spartacus’ fight against Theokoles had pleased the gods. The last time i watched this episode was on my phone before it got damaged which stopped since phone repairs take time and money lucky i know a guy.His last great war is against the Roman Crassus, and Caeser, who hunted his group of freed slaves to The Alps near the Celtic territory where they hoped to find freedom, their lands. His engagement starts as Spartacus exercises various strategic tactics, such as spiked pits, arrows, and backup cavalry lead by Gannicus. Finally, though the unbelievable odds of Crassus enormous army soon proves too significant for the Spartacus and Crassus encounter. Rebels, as Lugo and Castus fall. Crassus drives on Spartacus by horse but, Spartacus employs his trademark move, leaping towards the Imperator and cuts Crassus, who drops off his horse. Injured, Crassus retreats with some soldiers. Spartacus commands Agron to continue to draw attention from the battle, that he shall kill Crassus Spartacus beats him down and just as he is about to win against Crassus, Roman ranks appear after his rear and hurling javelins at him, three in sum. He collapses, and a drained Crassus says the rebel general if only Spartacus had happened born a Roman, to that Spartacus responds he is glad it was not fated so. Crassus rises to deliver the killing blow, but Agron and Nasir appear and knock him off a small ridge, to which afterward they kill the remainder of the soldiers in the area and get on a horse Spartacus taking him with them as they escape. They later take Spartacus to the mountains, where Laeta, Sibyl, and the few survivors are expecting. Spartacus asks them if everyone was safe. Agron reveals that Pompey attacked them, and numerous were lost. Spartacus declares that they must continue over the mountain pass to live free. Agron and Laeta calls him, but Spartacus informs him that is not his name,  and he will finally once again hear his real name, uttered by his wife, at last. He talks to Agron, stating he not to cry, fitting it was a triumph to die as a free man, before ceasing to his wounds.