Man Of Vision


Many people said that their vision would change the world, but one kept his word no matter what it cost or how much pain it brought him. This man was Steve Jobs a leader and designer so in tune to what his company should be that no other view was worth recognizing. I find that inspiring since true belief founded on devotion is what determines success a lot of people waver when the time comes do to a lack of mental fortitude they could have built in preparation for the task they were looking to complete. I have found the s to be true so know I look at the examples others like jobs people crazy enough to think they can reshape this reality and do. A good example is when Apple was being created in the 1970’s, and people couldn’t comprehend a device newly created that displays words on the screen. The obvious applications of this technology were apparent in business, but home users that really should an out of the box thinking on that consumer believe they need. No one really before this thought hardware other than a TV would be wanted in a house or found its required for any task in a day. Finding Wozniak wasn’t by chance, it was fate intervening to see what he can do when tested. Steve takes the idea of two individual pieces of hardware to make a technology and runs with it after Wozniak works himself to the bone to get it up and working. This smaller company starts to grow over time and change what we as consumers perceive useful paving the way for newer forms of tech like cell phones leading to the phone which has become big especially cellphone repair Calgary. Later other forms of technology came into creation like headsets, gaming products, GPS, and simple things like cameras and videos using the hardware built from computers. Most people don’t realize this, but it is right Jobs changed the future for everyone which places as an outlier someone so out of the box they created something no one could. The movie Jobs said it best with the statement made by Jobs about how the conductor in an orchestra makes the whole symphony happen following this Wozniak told me you don’t write code, build hardware, or do engineering so what do you do. His response I play the orchestra like the conductor and your are just in the percussion speaks volumes on how a person can consider themselves more important than they but never actually strive ever to improve making them a pawn in somebody else’s game.