Great Men Create Great Things

One thing that I found impressive is every everyone who every won their battle didn’t just decide in one moment to win they already earned the victory in their minds. Some of the more prominent people in for example sports history would be Michael Jorden, Wayne Gretazyke, Anderson Silva. The main thing about these gentlemen is that spark of fire which ignites persistence and audacity, leading to significant moments in time.
Anderson Silva is a perfect example of some who can inspire you to come back from anything. Silva made his first appearance on Ultimate Fight Night 5 in 2006, since then his opponent consisted of the best fighters in his class. A relatively unknown fighter in the United States, Silva made a name for himself as the spider with his flurry of pinpoint strikes, followed by a final knee strike that delivered within seconds. The fact Anderson choice to be different in his fighting style to point that he stood out in his techniques shows you that being unique is more beneficial in devising ways of attaining victory when thinking inside hasn’t worked.
For almost seven years he held the title of Middleweight champion, even after opponents appeared one after another trying to take the title from him. The determination to win displayed throughout his career even through all moments of doubt created in situations like the inquiry about continually winning and overcoming all obstacles that come before him teaches me in at any time a person will try to discredit your resolve. The fact he never surrendered to anything in life including breaking his leg in his rematch title fight and losing it.
But moments like that let us learn what who we truly are and made off. This story of an aspiring Brazilian fighter who wanted to be top of career and to attain this achievement through focus most of all will prove he took life and hit back hard enough that what he wanted is what he got.