Dr. King Forever


Martin Luther King has inspired many people including myself to look past the weakness called hatred that has made humanity sick it hunted our destroyed our days; hatred has killed then any disease. Everyone remembers the main all the battles but has chosen to forget the bloodshed progressing a movement born from compassion and will to make other understand mercy that all of us deserve in the end. Marching in a non-violent protest displays a strong spiritual belief that when push comes to shove; they never surrendered to acts of violence in life. And that fortitude portrayed throughout their days drives us to learn unbelievable stories of hope and achievements through aspiration. Most of the topics we grow personal interest in are about life that and all of the many things in common with our hero more over people we’ve built a belief around. Just the fact that Martin found something he liked so young is amazing because I still looking to achieve my goals for success. My path has not been as direct from floating to different lines of work including sales, construction, retail, and the most recent opportunity in tow trucking with a guy I knew to make some extra cash by providing towing services.
The crossing of the bridge in Salem was a salient turning point in an overall country-wide support for these amazing individuals that followed a man to a better future causing us to be inspired and become more than what we been to taught to believe. The rights today came from the changes done for us in the past formed from these acts of bravery against an overwhelming decision that a person should stand valued for what they look like not how they are. Wonders achieved when a people united as a country moved by the plight of other people’s suffering has to do with the decency that humanity had forgotten. Somewhere along the line, our failures fuelled nightmares not dreams leaving this world lost in a sea of shadows leading to darkness away from the light. When Dr. King started this path of righteousness, no one would allow its completion though his way cast by threats and darkness he found the way and became a light beaconing a time where no life would be thrown away without a second thought. Appreciation for this improbable victory shown by many people who know the stories of one Reverend a leader, visionary, scholar, and hero,) making this world a little better before his time was taken stands on the outskirts of society challenging the ideas of those who went before them.