One of the most inspiring people I can think of is Spartacus in the last 2000 years his teachings of respect, compassion, and understanding helped many including myself try to be a better person. Some have called him an apostate and blasphemer but none could this wad him from a belief the world could be a better place. His history and the story told in the first person accounts of people who passed he name down in stories, these Acts of the freedom soldier later became a testament to a will so bright it shined through time.  Spartacus’ secondary battle in the arena is by Crixus’ side, as both struggle as one upon the mythical giant, Theokoles. Notwithstanding their initial hesitance and reluctance, they see a shared goal in combining to fight for their women. The start of the contest is in their favor until Theokoles – after pretending loss – gets up again. Spartacus and Crixus rouse to fight at cross-purposes and in acting so, Theokoles severely injures Crixus. Spartacus, taking advantage of Crixus’ shield to launch himself into the air, gives a fierce blow. Not falling up yet, Crixus clutches a helmet resting nearby and reflects the light into Theokoles’ face, blinding him momentarily. Spartacus uses the time, circles Theokoles and hinders him with a gash to his knees before beheading him. With this victory, Spartacus arises abruptly in fame. Rain comes to the drought-ridden Capua, and the people believe it a sign that Spartacus’ fight against Theokoles had pleased the gods. The last time i watched this episode was on my phone before it got damaged which stopped since phone repairs take time and money lucky i know a guy.His last great war is against the Roman Crassus, and Caeser, who hunted his group of freed slaves to The Alps near the Celtic territory where they hoped to find freedom, their lands. His engagement starts as Spartacus exercises various strategic tactics, such as spiked pits, arrows, and backup cavalry lead by Gannicus. (more…)

Man Of Vision


Many people said that their vision would change the world, but one kept his word no matter what it cost or how much pain it brought him. This man was Steve Jobs a leader and designer so in tune to what his company should be that no other view was worth recognizing. I find that inspiring since true belief founded on devotion is what determines success a lot of people waver when the time comes do to a lack of mental fortitude they could have built in preparation for the task they were looking to complete. I have found the s to be true so know I look at the examples others like jobs people crazy enough to think they can reshape this reality and do. A good example is when Apple was being created in the 1970’s, and people couldn’t comprehend a device newly created that displays words on the screen. The obvious applications of this technology were apparent in business, but home users that really should an out of the box thinking on that consumer believe they need. No one really before this thought hardware other than a TV would be wanted in a house or found its required for any task in a day. Finding Wozniak wasn’t by chance, it was fate intervening to see what he can do when tested. Steve takes the idea of two individual pieces of hardware to make a technology and runs with it after Wozniak works himself to the bone to get it up and working. This smaller company starts to grow over time and change what we as consumers perceive useful paving the way for newer forms of tech like cell phones leading to the phone which has become big especially cellphone repair Calgary. (more…)

Dr. King Forever


Martin Luther King has inspired many people including myself to look past the weakness called hatred that has made humanity sick it hunted our destroyed our days; hatred has killed then any disease. Everyone remembers the main all the battles but has chosen to forget the bloodshed progressing a movement born from compassion and will to make other understand mercy that all of us deserve in the end. Marching in a non-violent protest displays a strong spiritual belief that when push comes to shove; they never surrendered to acts of violence in life. And that fortitude portrayed throughout their days drives us to learn unbelievable stories of hope and achievements through aspiration. Most of the topics we grow personal interest in are about life that and all of the many things in common with our hero more over people we’ve built a belief around. Just the fact that Martin found something he liked so young is amazing because I still looking to achieve my goals for success. My path has not been as direct from floating to different lines of work including sales, construction, retail, and the most recent opportunity in tow trucking with a guy I knew to make some extra cash by providing towing services. (more…)

The Great One Ali

Muhammad Ali, in my opinion, is one of the best boxers the sport has ever seen throughout the years. Taught him to protect himself but eventually developed into a passion. One thing everyone forgets is how this man challenged everything put in front of him, the false ones who came before him that when push comes to shove, they eventually surrendered to the force directed at them. And the fortitude portrayed throughout his days drives us to learn more about his inspiring story of hope and achievements through aspiration. Certain events came off as negative topics are more slanderous when speaking of his growth personally since their interests always conflicted regards to what they expected. Starting at the age of 12 a young Cassius Clay began boxing under some well-known trainer who initially Made real when his professional pursuit on October 29, 1960, winning a six-round decision over Tunney Hunsaker. After this victory, a legend was being built in the shadow of other competitors and by the end of 1963, Clay accumulated a background of 19–0 with 15 wins by knockout. He defeated numerous opponents including his former trainer and veteran boxer Archie Moore in a 1962 match. (more…)

King of Pop

Michael-Jackson-The-Legend-3-R-I-P-LOVE-3-michael-jackson-23192347-1131-707Michael Jackson also known as the King of Pop Has been one of favourite artist throughout my life because he just spoke about issues that I always respected. From his early years, he stood out as different from all competitors; everyone always believed he couldn’t make it to the level of fame and star deem since he was a black kid from a lower middle-class family. The main difference between him others was his unrelenting ability to form songs that anyone could appreciate lesson which is harder than people know. Not to mention how he grinned on a level higher than most children his age cause his group the Jackson Five wanted them to be successful musicians more than anything else in the world. In 1964 is where his career began, Michael with his older brother Marlon joined the Jackson Brothers the family band created by their father and which included brothers Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine. Even starting as a backup singer that sometimes would play different instruments like the conga and tambourine. Just taking the extra steps to prepare and practice to keep up with his band mates proves that not matter if someone would put you in the last place on a team doesn’t mean you work your way up. After a time and showing himself Michael began sharing the lead singing position with his older brother, and the group was renamed the Jackson 5. More than a decade later In June 1975, the Jackson 5 finally was given the opportunity progress their careers when they signed with Epic Records and renamed themselves the Jacksons. (more…)

Great Men Create Great Things

One thing that I found impressive is every everyone who every won their battle didn’t just decide in one moment to win they already earned the victory in their minds. Some of the more prominent people in for example sports history would be Michael Jorden, Wayne Gretazyke, Anderson Silva. The main thing about these gentlemen is that spark of fire which ignites persistence and audacity, leading to significant moments in time.
Anderson Silva is a perfect example of some who can inspire you to come back from anything. Silva made his first appearance on Ultimate Fight Night 5 in 2006, since then his opponent consisted of the best fighters in his class. A relatively unknown fighter in the United States, Silva made a name for himself as the spider with his flurry of pinpoint strikes, followed by a final knee strike that delivered within seconds. The fact Anderson choice to be different in his fighting style to point that he stood out in his techniques shows you that being unique is more beneficial in devising ways of attaining victory when thinking inside hasn’t worked.
For almost seven years he held the title of Middleweight champion, even after opponents appeared one after another trying to take the title from him. The determination to win displayed throughout his career even through all moments of doubt created in situations like the inquiry about continually winning and overcoming all obstacles that come before him teaches me in at any time a person will try to discredit your resolve. The fact he never surrendered to anything in life including breaking his leg in his rematch title fight and losing it.
But moments like that let us learn what who we truly are and made off. This story of an aspiring Brazilian fighter who wanted to be top of career and to attain this achievement through focus most of all will prove he took life and hit back hard enough that what he wanted is what he got.